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Boarding - Training - Pool Rental


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Yes! We do!

Yes! We do!

Got ​Boarding?



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Yes! We’ve got ​that too!

Yes! We’ve got ​that too!


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Kennels and Suites


  • Kennels are 11' x 5'
  • Bring your own bedding or we can supply it ​for your pet

**Dogs over 30 pounds must be boarded ​separately in kennels


Only Same household dogs may board ​together in suites

  • Suites include day care and pool time
  • Suite sizes start at 10 x 10 and up to ​15x20 in size

Services Offered

Day Care

Full Day with Pool $50.00

Full Day without Pool $40.00

Half Day with Pool $40.00 (under 4 hours)

Half Day without Pool $30.00 (under 4 hours)

5 Day Package 10% off

10 Day Package 15% off

20 Day Package 20% off

Includes: Enrichment, play time, general ​obedience training and light agility ​activities

Boarding Suites

1 Dog - $99 per night

2 Dogs $150 per night

3 Dogs $185 per night

4 Dogs $215 per night

Over 4 dogs must have more than 1 Suite

Dogs must be in same family to board together


*Pool time

*Daycare included in all overnight stays

*Enrichment (games, snuffle pad, lick pad)

*Snuggle and Tuck in at night with treat

Boarding Kennels

1 Dog- $60 per night

2 Dogs $120 per night

2 Dogs Same Kennel under 30lb $110

3 Dogs $170 per night

4 Dogs $220 per night

Each Dog will be in a separate kennel

*Pool time additional $10 per day


*Daycare included in all overnight stays


*Snuggle and Tuck in at night with treat

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Exit Bath

Under 30 Pounds $25

30- 50 Pounds $35

50 Pounds and over $50

100 pounds and over $75

Training Classes

4 Weeks $150

5 Weeks $175

6 Weeks $200

  • See Class Information Flyers Below
Dogat the Back of a Black Pick Up Truck

Pick up & Drop off

Drop off

8 am - 4 pm


After 11 am $25

After 4 pm $55

Latest Pickup 5:30 pm

Pool Time

Pool Pawty

2 hour Party Time

Starting at $200 up to 4 dogs

Pool 1 hour

Party & Play Area for 1 hour

Private Pool Time

15 minutes $15.00 Per dog

30 minutes $25.00 Per dog

60 minutes $50.00 Per dog

We supply towels and toys!

You are welcome to bring your own toys.

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Excluding Holiday Weeks

Reserve Under "Training" in Paw Partner

Hungry dog with a sign plate
Hungry dog with a sign plate

Boarding Services

Boarding Services

what is included?

All boarding stays include day care, tuck in and mental enrichment which may include kong, puzzles, bubbles, snuff pads, lick pads. Suites include daily pool time. Kennel pool time is an additional $10 per day.


A medication fee of $5 per dog per day is applicable if your dog takes something that is prescribed or is a vitamin that you need or want to ensure that it has been eaten in their meal. Any medications that are prescribed are subject to the medication fee.

Suite and Kennel Sizes

Suites are roughly 10x12 in size, largest suite is 15x15.

Kennels are 5x11.

If your dog is reactive to other dogs,

then it must board in a Suite.

Dog in Airport Terminal on Vacation

Boarding Services

Holiday stays

A nonrefundable deposit of 50 percent of the stay is required to ​book for a holiday. A minimum of stay 3 nights is required withi​n 7 days before and after the holiday. Deposit is required at the t​ime of booking​.

What to bring for your stay?

Please label your dogs food with their name on the bag along with AM and PM. You are welcome to bring their personal items for their stay. We are not responsible for replacement if they are damaged during stay.

Getting to know your pet

Please let us know more about your pet and their personality and behaviors in the Paw Partner App questionnaire section.


All vaccinations must be uploaded in the Paw Partner app in order for us to accept your reservation. If we do not have this information, we cannot board your pet.

Dog doctor vaccinates puppy

Boarding Services

Vaccinations required for overnight boarding

All pets must be current on their vaccinations. Vaccinations ​must be uploaded in the Paw Partner app in order for us to ​accept your reservation. Take a picture of the vaccination ​document and attach it to your pets profile. If we do not have ​this information, we cannot accept your request until this is ​completed.

Bordatella must be administered at least 2 weeks prior to ​boarding.

  • Rabies (Either 1 or 3 year vaccine accepted)
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) Required Yearly
  • Distemper or Distemper combo shots such asDHPP or ​DHLPP (either 1 or 3 year vaccine accepted)
  • Canine Influenza (must cover both H3N2 and H3N8 strains)
  • Negative Fecal in the past 6 months

Day Care

we Love Daycare! Join us and our friends ​monday - Friday. Half day and full day! ​Pool Time, Bubble Time, All around a Fun ​filled exciting day!

We also offer 1:1 daycare with humans or ​our furry friends siblings! No group ​interaction unless specifically ​screened.

Reservations for day care can be completed by calling or ​texting 815-469-3647.

A Meet and Greet Trial is necessary prior to registering for ​daycare half or full day. A Meet and Greet is only conducted ​on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is roughly 30 minutes. The ​fee is $15.00.

Meet and Greets

Your dogs mental health is important to us

If you are boarding your dog for the ​first time with us, we highly recommend ​your pet doing at least a 1/2 day of day ​care prior to boarding for their mental ​health.

If your dog is new to daycare with us, a ​30 minute meet and greet prior to ​daycare is required. Fee is $15.00 and ​offered on tuesday and Thursday.

For a tour please call or text us at 815-469-3647.

T​ours are conducted 7 days a week from 10 am - 3 pm. Call or t​ext to reserve your tour. We do not offer tours during H​olidays.


9436 W Steger Road ​Frankfort IL 60423

Call or Text

(815) 469 3647​

Indoor Pool

The Club K9 at The Ranch indoor pool is tailor-made for dogs, featuring convenient ​access both in and out. This specially designed pool offers a fantastic opportunity for ​dogs to exercise, swim, and play. Whether used by individual dogs or groups, it provides a ​versatile space for canine enjoyment. The pool is available for private rental, allowing ​individuals to treat their dogs to one-on-one playtime, or to host lively pool pawties.

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Dog Training Classes

Canine Good Citizen and

Therapy Dog International

Puppy and Beginner

Agility Training

Intermediate with Intro ​Agility

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How to Make A Reservation for Boarding Your Pet

  1. Start by downloading the Paw Partner App or log in through your web browser. Click Here: Paw Partner
  2. Make A Reservation by clicking the make a reservation button
  3. Select "Club K9 at The Ranch" from the list of boarding locations
  4. Complete your Information and then complete your dog's profile
  5. Choose a Reservation
    1. If you have multiple pets choose which one (or both) you would like to make a reservation for, choose ​a SUITE or KENNEL, then tell us the details of your reservation.
    2. Upload Vaccinations
      1. Pool Rental and Dog Training is under Training
      2. Please call or text us to schedule for day care reservations at 1-815-469-3647
  6. Choose any add ons that you wish for your dogs boarding stay. We will contact you once we have ​confirmed your reservation through the app or email.
  7. If your veterinarian needs to email us your vaccinations:

Locally Family Owned

9436 W Steger Road

Frankfort IL 60423


S Pfeiffer Road

Our Location


9436 W Steger Road

Frankfort IL 60423


-Shelley and her

pup, Buoy

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A Message From Club K-9 Owner Shelley Skas

A Message From Club K-9 Owner Shelley Skas

At Club K9 at The Ranch, we're more than just a boarding facility - we're a ​haven for your furry friends! As a passionate mental health professional and ​dog lover, I've created a one-of-a-kind experience for your furry family.

When your dog stays with us, they're in for a tail-wagging good time! Our ​unique approach to pet care combines the expertise of a mental health ​specialist with the fun-loving spirit of a dedicated dog owner. From ​engaging playtime to gentle training, we've got it all covered!

What sets us apart? With 5 years of experience training my own dog ​to become a certified therapy dog, I understand the unique needs of ​our canine companions. as a licensed mental health counselor and ​behavioral therapist, i know the importance of providing a nurturing ​environment that promotes not only physical well-being but also ​emotional health for our furry guests.

So why choose Club K9? Because we go above and beyond to ensure ​that your pet feels right at home. Our commitment to the well-being of ​dogs extends beyond the basics, and we're dedicated to providing a fun, ​loving, and supportive environment for every furry visitor.

Come board your pet with us and experience the Club K9 difference! ​Your dog deserves the best, and that's exactly what they'll get with ​us. Get ready for a pawsitively awesome experience at Club K9 at The ​Ranch!